Thursday, 17 September 2009

(2) Preparing a new Ink Sac


The new ink sac
Here’s the new sac. I opted for the standard, non-thin-walled type. It’s quite a lot longer than the old one, so needed to be cut shorter. But how much? I only had the one replacement.

The old ink sac was about 5.9cm long. A little was still stuck to the rubber bung, around 3mm. Start-Run-Calc, I needed the new sac to be around 6.2cm long.

This is the new ink sac, I wanted a dry run fitting it to the rubber bung before cutting it to size and shellacing. There was a kind of dust or powder inside that I couldn’t photograph. Is this normal? I’ve never fitted an ink sac before and haven’t come across anything about powder inside the ink sac. I decided to clean it out in case it clogged up the pen’s feed on reassembly.

I flushed the new sac in water. I couldn’t take a photo and squeeze the sac at the same time, but by bringing up water and then squeezing it out, a heck of a lot of powdery stuff came out of the sac. I’m glad this wasn’t in the pen for first inking.

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