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Why "Flounder"?
My pen name is taken from the classic American comedy "Animal House", in which one of the hapless fraternity characters is christened "Flounder". The name struck a chord. In the troubling, brutalist storm-currents of life, I flounder! From an early age, being taught an imperfect society's status quos left me doubting and unsettled. I read a lot, with a special interest in the archaic, to better understand today's conundrums.

Why "Mindthots"?
High above our cultural desert, I sit on my pillar contemplating the din and farrago of the world. When the impulse occasions, I descend and type.

Pretty damned pretentious eh? Nah, really the name is nothing to do with gauche navel-gazing. It's a reference to a self-imposed "low babble" blogging policy. Fluff belongs in the vacuum - I zone out when reading recycled churnalism, tired old arguments, auto -generated top ten lists and "what's trending". My web browsers are loaded up with redirect removers and adblockers.

With that said, I can't very well inflict the same on others. So the content here is personally transcribed fresh from my brainial lobes... I try to keep blog posts either practically useful, or at least tangentially  interesting. It is my intention to never inflict too many personal banalities and polemics on the reader.


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