Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cap Clip Swap for the Jumbo Hero 616

See what I did there? Yep, the hackneyed old swap-the-title-to-represent-the-swap gag. Today's post is the reverse of the last; a few photos showing a gold Hero 616 cap fitted with a chrome clip.

Ka-bling! Even with the clouds overhead, this combo is so shiny photography is a challenge.

There's shine, and then there's glare. The 616 is glaring at me.

The engraved line pattern and position of the band text is slightly different on the gold cap, I notice.
I shouldn't like this, but I do. The contrast is great. I like the idea of a workhorse pen that looks this eccentric.

It sort of works, doesn't it? Perhaps because of the slight satin quality to the gold colour of the cap body.

While I'm on the subject of caps, I'm in the market for a silver Parker 51 cap. I don't hold out much hope finding one, but you never know your luck.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hero 616 Jumbo Cap Clip Swap

A while back, I was browsing FPN and noted a fun wee 616 mod. A member named 'lint' had swapped the clips from gold and silver Hero 616 caps to create a nice two-tone effect. Now that thunder and lightning have been hurled down as just punishment for our warm and sunny July, I've dug out the screwdriver & blutack to follow in his footsteps.

Goldie clip, chromey cap, pretty pen.

At £3.78 for a gold-capped 616 from eBay seller YesPen, I'll say this is not too decadent a whimsy to indulge. The alternate gold cap/chrome clip combo is also quite striking, and you get a strong, small cardboard box and rigid plastic pen case too - very handy for reuse as decent pen packaging. As usual, the 616 Jumbo offers safe tinkering experience, this particular clip wanting far less tension to use on anything less than a permanent basis. Here's a few more pictures.

The stamping on the arrow feathers is actually pretty decent!

I've never quite got the hang of photographing shiny metal.

In the unlikely event anyone from Hero is reading; to commemorate your seven-billionth 616, or whatever, how about releasing a flighter model? I'd buy one - especially if the metal barrel had engraved lines like the cap!

For some inexplicable reason, this cap shape makes me think of Champagne.

Till next time,