Thursday, 17 September 2009

(6) Putting the Snorkel assembly back together

Putting the Snorkel assembly back together
Powdering the new sac with pure talc, kindly donated by eckiethump.

Because I hadn’t put the snorkel tube back into place, I put my thumb over the rubber bung, then put the sac into the bottle of talc and turned it around for a good coat without it flying everywhere.

Sac and rubber bung in protector, heating to soften the rubber bung before insertion.

I heated the rubber bung a little, then put the snorkel tube back in. It took a few adjustments to position it perfectly, heating very briefly each time – I reassembled the pen to make sure it was just so. This meant taking the snorkel assembly in and out of the nib unit a couple of times, so ideally, I should have changed the ink sac *before* changing the seals. You live and learn!

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