Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cold Hands Cure Attempt, an Update

A few quick words on the "cold hands cure" I've been attempting for a wee while now.

  • Doing it every day gives the hands a really hard time. I've backed off a lot.
  • There does seem to be something to it. Scotland is in the grip of a cold snap at the moment, but my hands aren't cold to the point of uselessness doing outdoor work  - I was cleaning and lubing rear brake calipers and handbrake cables for about 45 minutes on the weekend, with some discomfort but no reduction in grip strength.
  • On returning indoors from the outdoors, I get a rosy feeling within my hands, something I can't say I've felt before.
Strange, n'est pas?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Necessity, the Precursor of Declention

Take cover! They've got our range!
Occasionally I have to stop in my tracks and do a double take, when presented with that genius which so clearly marks man as the paragon of animals. Reading up on the pin and slot device within the Antikythera mechanism, for example, or gazing up at Rubens' masterpiece, The Feast of Herod, if I happen to be in the capital.

Today, it is Glasgow City Council's highly innovative road maintenance solution that must be recognised for such genius. I had previously thought the European idea of laying a fluorescent layer below the tarmac, revealing potholes as wear develops, the very pinnacle of road surface sophistication. 

Of course, this was merely the throwing down of the gauntlet; GCC has thought outside the box and shown those Continentals how to get things done!

I recommend the butterfly stroke, bicyclists.

Pothole ramps! A brilliant concept. Why waste money filling in potholes, when the premix is of such low quality the hole will reappear in the space of 3 months? With a ramp, one simply builds up a good head of steam and sails through the air above them.

Yes, at last I can sleep safely in the knowledge that I'll never again spill blood bashing out another pulverised wheel bearing hub with these on our cratered, crumbling roads.

The Problem.
The Solution!

Thank you GCC!