Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Flounder's First Light Tent

Wow, I haven't posted on the blog for an age and a half! Let's start with my first ever photo taken with a light tent.

Con-tent (sorry) - a Pilot 78G fountain pen, with a Lucky 659 demonstrator cap.

It's a clutter-reducing 30x30x30 eBay cheapie which arrived today, branded Phot-R. The tent seems to have done a surprisingly decent job diffusing shadows, which is pretty good going considering I only used a single light source! With this inexpensive piece of kit, I hope to banish February's awful evening lighting conditions enough to take clear photos.

I'll be starting with a review of the Lucky 659 - it's a clone of Pilot's discontinued 78G fountain pen, and adds some finishes that weren't available in Pilot's original range. Lucky have thrown in a few quirks for good measure too!