Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lubricating a 1990's Seat Ibiza clutch cable

Autumn is here, and winter’s right around the corner. I don’t like working on cars in the rain and cold, so tend to get jobs like this out of the way round about this time of year.

I drive a 72,000 mile 1997 Seat Ibiza, which is getting on in years a bit now! These old mark 2 Ibizas are fun  wee Spanish cars.There’s a little rust introducing itself to the rear arches, but I try to keep the car maintained to a high standard. Cheap to run and insure, they’re reliable and simple cars to service.

One thing that needs a little TLC now and again on my Ibiza is the clutch. My Ibiza has an old school, cable operated clutch. Due to the left to right hand drive conversion, the clutch cable has to snake its way into the engine bay in a series of bends. If you pick one of these relics up with a heavy clutch - don't assume the worst! Regreasing the cable, or at worst a new one (about £20) and the clutch is light again.

This is a 10 minute job from start to finish, and prolongs the life of the clutch cable. All that's needed is a measuring tape, a can of spray grease, two 10mm spanners, and a cable greaser gadget (about £7 on eBay).

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