Sunday, 2 October 2011

Honda Civic problems, a mini - series of fixes

A few short months ownership of a 2003 (generation 7) Honda Civic has taught me a few things. Firstly, any especial reverence I had in Honda reliability has been dispelled. They're about the same as any other modern car. Secondly, I've learned from the internet that these Civics are prone to ruinously expensive early failure of the gearbox and EPS steering racks, as well as minor niggles.

I'd decided to group together a few forums posts I've made elsewhere with work I plan to do on the car in the next week or so (depending on the weather). I'll be sorting out some minor issues, and take preventative measures that will hopefully ward off major problems in the future.

Minor issues:

Squeaking noise when the clutch pedal is pressed in and let out - done. Cheap fix.
Fuel filler flap not always opening/ opening only slightly - done. Free!

Major issues:
EPS (all electric power steering) rack regrease to prevent slider wear - still to do.


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