Monday, 18 March 2013

Kaigelu 316 Plunger Filler: Parts and Tools

The Kaigelu 316 Vacuum Plunger filler, field stripped.
Tools Used

The only tools used were a mini drill with various attachment heads, cheap garbage circlip pliers, sparkplug pliers, standard pliers, a 42tpi craft saw, an empty reel of dental floss, and a couple of sheets of sandpaper.

A clean razor saw, ideal for meddling with nature's divine order.

Parts Used (UK sourced including domestic shipping)
  • A 2mm diameter brass rod, £3.30 (for a 12inch/30cm long rod) from eBay seller CJW Steam.
  • Three stainless steel external circlips, "to fit 1.9mm groove". £1.49 (for a 5 pack) from eBay seller globalengineeringmaterials.
  • Two stainless steel internal circlips, "to fit 8mm groove". A pair for £2.49 from eBay seller look-now-more.
  • Three M3x8mm rigid plastic washers, £1.35 (per packet of 10) from eBay seller tbwfasteners.
  • Two 4mm ID, 8mm OD plastic pulleys "to fit 2mm shaft". £1.90 (for a 5 pack) from eBay seller birkada.
  • An 8mm spring steel internal circlip, £1.69 (for 4) from eBay seller shiney-d.
  • A gold plated jump ring. £1.00 for "10 grams of mixed sizes", from eBay seller diamonte-designs.

On Flounder's Mindthots next time...
With all that rattling around the parts drawer, the Kaigelu was strapped to a gurney and the experiment ready to set up, so let's charge the voltaic accumulators, scorn the laws of Creation, and begin Prepping for Surgery,  covered in the next post.

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