Friday, 28 January 2011

A guide to unsuccessful wristwatch surgery

Here's two ultra cheap (about £12 shipped) Chinese self-winding wristwatches:


On the left, a dressier Jaragar sometimes named 'Chateau Noir'. This one's really grown on me, love the looks, less so the slightly wonky movement (the 'day of the week' hand sticks halfway between Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). Strangely, quick setting using the top right button moves the hand around the dial properly. On the right, a more casual style Jaragar 'C1' with a perfect movement. I hardly ever wear this one, I just prefer the styling of the Chateau Noir.

I wanted to transplant the perfect movement into the dressier model and have the best of both worlds for my daily user. Armed with the confidence that comes with ignorance, I started practising pulling and setting hands on a broken old quartz watch.


After all, I thought, I've replaced a Sony laptop backlight without jumping from a highrise, so how hard could it be?...

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