Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hero 616 Flighter

Today may be the start of the new tax year, but the Shangai Hero Pen Company has raised a smile at Flounder's Mindthots this morning with news of a new limited edition fountain pen!

What a great start to the day!

 The company president, Lyk Lee Ztohree announced the brand new Hero 616 Flighter, released today.

"The original 616 was synonymous with the quality control and bold imaginative design we value so much here at Hero. As our new flagship model, the Flighter builds on the reputation of its plastic bodied predecessor, using a startling metal cap, metal barrel combination we've never seen in other manufacturers' designs", he said.

"Not even a quick peek - honest".

The new pen, available from all good retailers "and a few crap ones", will come in three standard nib sizes: Music, Hebrew, and a Left Foot Oblique Italic. The Flighter's "Chimeraculous" ink system never requires refilling, instead drawing moisture from the air to liquefy pigments impregnated in the feed.

From left to right: Hero 616 Flighter, Parker 51 Vacumatic.

The vertical lines etched into the cap are echoed in the barrel.

Cap/clip detail

The 616 Flighter alongside some old pen of no especial account.

Must dash folks!

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