Saturday, 16 April 2011

(1) Removing the Battery Cover, Sim Card, and Memory Card

Turning the KA08 over, the battery cover incorporates the camera window, the hands-free loudspeaker grille, and at the bottom, some outrageous fibs (the memory card supplied is 2 gigabytes, and the camera resolution is parsecs away from 2 megapixels).


Slide the battery cover upwards - towards the on/off switch - by about 1 centimetre, then pull away from the phone. The battery simply pulls out, and the SIM cards slide to the right to remove. Push the steel memory slot cage downwards (away from the on/off switch) and open its hinge to release the memory card.


Notice the twin SIM slots, a handy feature. You can have two different providers, or one for work and one for personal use, without carrying two phones. In the next post, I'm going to take the case apart.

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