Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jinhao 321 Fountain Pen Giveaway

[This PIF has now closed, and the Jinhao has found a new home]

I'm giving away this Jinhao 321 on the Fountain Pen Network's Pay it Forward thread! If you like slim, light pens, or are looking for an introduction to hooded nib pens, drop me a PM on the forum within a week or so.

This is the whilom Jinhao 321, not the usurper now going by that moniker. The original is quite a good performer; for more information, here's my review on FPN, and RichardandTracy's, which is full of useful details.

If you mean to throw your hat in the ring, bonne chance!


  1. This actually has nothing to do with pens - you seem to have fixed a number of things, I am wondering - do you have any sort of insight into why electric kettles start leaking at an incredibly young age some times?

    Despite that I will be able to bring it back to the store and get a new one, I just keep looking in there and going "How? Why? And why only sometimes????"

    So just in case you ever have taken one apart, thought I'd ask...


    1. I would suppose because modern kettles are built to a price (including some very expensive ones - I'm looking at you, DeLonghi) and stylish rather than stress spreading shapes. The plastic goes through lots of expansion and contraction as it heat cycles, and the base can be poorly soldered sometimes too.

    2. I am really longing to take it apart and see why, but since I can probably just return it to Bed Bath & Beyond - they tend to be good that way - and just get a new one, that is the more practical way to go... I am throwing it sullen looks, though.


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