Tuesday, 24 September 2013

VHS Lives!

Say what you will of grainy, bulky, obsolete old VHS tapes. Shiny DVDs and Blu-Rays cut no ice when it comes to the humane capture and release of gross bugs. For anything creepy, hairy, dusty and leggy, stick to analogue, that's my advice.

As big, and almost as thick, as a phone.

I'm not sure of the exact genus this speedy chap hails from, perhaps "Facehugger" is as good a categorisation as any.

I don't want to cause undue anxiety, so if you're reading this on a smartphone, I won't mention the slim possibility that one of his brethren is clinging behind your screen, about to scuttle up your sleeve this very moment, compound eyes glistening and mandibles chomping at the thought of your juicy ripe flesh.

Sleep tight :-)


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