Monday, 6 August 2012

Parnis Wristwatch Review (5) Thanks, No Thanks!


DMP's "How to Regulate a Mechanical Watch". I keep an ink stained printout in my desk.

Greenwich 2000's Greenwich Mean Time page, as my PC clock is way too vacillating for watch regulation.

Watchguy's excellent "Review: Parnis Automatic Power Reserve Review", which includes a partial disassembly of the movement.

StyleOverSubstance' "Parnis Portuguese Powe Reserve watch review", which has many technical details regarding the movement used in the watch.

Manbushijie, no hard feelings.

The following WatchuSeek threads - 

Articman's mention of silicon greasing the rotor bearings

A painted vs heat treated movement screws discussion

Luisão's sensible suggestion to use retailers that exclusively stock Parnis watches

No Thanks!

I'm in a beatific and reflective mood today, I have no-one to pillory in the No Thanks! section this time round.

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