Friday, 2 October 2009

Servicing a 1980's Sheaffer Targa fountain pen

[EDIT - I have made a few revisions to this article, highlighted in red wherever present. In order to get a good reseal, it is important to drive out all the ink that has permeated the shell. I have added to the original text a simple and thorough technique that requires less effort and man hours to perform than previously used.]

In August of this year, I was facing the prospect of  university exam resits, plus 2 huge coursework assignment resubmissions. This meant a daunting amount of writing in a short space of time.The obvious choice, if a bit obscure nowadays, was to solely use fountain pens, as you don't need to press down while you write ( you notice the difference at the tail end of a 3 hour essay based exam with lots still to do!) One of those pens was a bargain Sheaffer Targa I got from eBay shortly before the first of these resit exams. I posted my experiences, good and not so good, on FPN.

The following is a back up of an earlier post I made on the FPN recounting my attempts to stop the Targa's famous inlaid nib leaking, to free up my attachement space on the FPN forum for future projects...

(1) Flushing all the old ink out of the nib

(2) Disassembly

(3) Sealing the Leaks

(4) Thanks, No Thanks!

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